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M.S. in Health Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition Online – Download Flier The Master of Science with a major in Health Sciences and a concentration in Nutrition is an online 36-semester hour program. Students that graduate from this program are able to formulate research questions, organize and test research problems, and evaluate research study results.  Graduates foster critical thinking, inquiry, and professional leadership in the field.  Students receive advanced study in nutrition and engage in a framework for additional advanced degree study that enhances career development.

This program does not meet requirements for becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD).  If your interest is to become an RD, please refer to our Master of Science – Coordinated Program.


Degree Requirements Apply to the program 

Program Options

Students complete a M.S. in Health Sciences with a specialization in nutrition and may choose a general program with several electives or a professional practice option that combines the M.S. program with a certificate in Public Health or an emphasis in sports nutrition.


The selection of potential degree candidates for the Master of Science degree program in Health Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition is competitive. Applicants must be graduates of accredited institutions with baccalaureate degrees, have acceptable grade point averages and scores on admission tests, and show potential for academic development and professional leadership.

Prerequisite courses will take a minimum of three (3) semesters to complete.  NOTE: CHEM 1211K is a prerequisite for CHEM 1212K and BIOL 2110K.  CHEM 1212K is a prerequisite for CHEM 2400 and CHEM 2100.

Inorganic Chemistry (2 semesters)
(GSU CHEM 1211K and CHEM 1212K or equivalent)

Organic Chemistry (1 semester)
(GSU CHEM 2400 and CHEM 2100 or equivalent)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (2 semesters)
(GSU BIOL 2110K and BIOL 2120K or GSU BIOL 2107K, BIOL 2108K, BIOL 3240 and BIOL 3250 or equivalent)

Principles of Nutrition (1 semester)
(GSU NUTR 2100 or equivalent)

NOTE: Online laboratory courses will not be accepted