Department Earns “Noteworthy Practice” Distinction

Posted On March 9, 2016
Categories News, Nutrition

Congratulations to the Department of Nutrition Coordinated Program and Jessica Todd, program director. The program received one of the three noteworthy dietetics practices honors among the ACEND-accredited programs. (ACEND is the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.)

The department received the distinction for the “Program Improvement” category. Todd credits the use of the Typhon Group’s AHSPM Student Tracking System, which links students with their preceptors and provides access to each other’s schedules and contact information.

Also, Typhon holds documents related to the students’ clinical rotations, including pre-rotation assignments and syllabi and fact sheets. Students also clock their rotation hours on the system, which allows faculty to retrieve accurate data on time spent in clinical.

“Typhon is a one-stop-shop and has made a huge impact on how we collect and manage data related to the CP,” says Todd.